BBQ Catering Charlotte NC

Charlotte’s best BBQ catering is now an option for all different types of catered events. Birthday parties, weddings, anniversaries or casual corporate parties can be a huge success with the help of SMS Catering Services and its wide variety of Bar-B-Q options. Every menu item is cooked to perfection with homemade North Carolina BBQ recipes that will leave guests wanting more. Options are available for both off-site and on-site catering. Owner, Bob Freeman, started the National BBQ Association and has over 43 years of BBQ experience showing true passion for the trade.

Mobile BBQ Kitchens

The team at SMS Catering Services is available to come directly to you and prepare all of our signature dishes on site. Using only the best equipment, SMS Catering Services is equipped with mobile kitchens which can be set up at any location. Freshness is guaranteed as customers will be able to enjoy BBQ dishes straight off the grill (if desired) and chopped on location.

On-site BBQ catering service

SMS Catering Services provides clients the option of coming to our facility and utilizing our spacious banquet hall. The same freshness is guaranteed as our catering team will slow roast and grill all your favorite BBQ dishes. Menu options range far and wide as the best BBQ in Charlotte can be found at one of our catered events.

Themed BBQ events

There is more to choose from than just a regular BBQ theme at SMS Catering Services. Clients can focus the theme of their next party on a specific type of BBQ including the following:

  • Full or Whole Pig Roasts – This type of BBQ also comes with your choice of add-on food options and provides a memorable experience that always gets people talking.
  • Hawaiian Luau BBQ Catering – Perfect for the summer months, the luau theme opens up a whole new realm of ideas to go with your catered event.
  • North Carolina BBQ Catering – North Carolina Style BBQ has its own unique flavor and SMS Catering Services is able to catch the sheer essence of the eastern and western style BBQ.

North Carolina favorites

The guests at your next catered event will be able to leave after a hearty meal, which can make for a very successful party. SMS Catering Services uses the best ingredients to create the following appetizing dishes.

  • Home Made North Carolina BBQ – Nothing says North Carolina like great BBQ and the recipe used at SMS Catering Services follows a tradition that provides the very best in taste.
  • Slow Roasted BBQ Pork – Great BBQ pork takes time, which is why SMS Catering Services starts cooking our slow-roasted pork for 16 to 18 hours leading up to your event. Freshness and taste are evident with every bite.