How to Select the Right Wedding Venue for You

Weddings are more than just one-time events. There is a lengthy selection and planning process that goes along with it. That includes choosing the right wedding venue. Here are some helpful tips couples can use to select the right venue for their wedding.

Make a Checklist
When it comes to start looking at wedding venues, go into each visit prepared. It’s a good idea for couples to put together a checklist of everything they want on their wedding day. Many times, couples get caught up in the moment when visiting wedding venues and they start to consider options that do not coincide with their original plans. Be exact when making your checklist and keep it handy when touring a venue.

See the Season
Most couples are not looking to get married right away, which means each venue will probably look a little different when your big day comes around. Make sure the seasonal fit is the right one. If you are visiting a venue in the fall, it is going to have a different look in the spring.

Ask the Vendors
For most weddings, couples will hire a photographer, DJ, florist and other kinds of vendors. Don’t hesitate to ask each of them their thoughts on the different wedding venues you are considering. Chances are that those vendors have been to each venue and can offer an objective opinion.

Map the Route
Guests are going to need to get to your wedding, so it is important to consider the drive time and traffic patterns to a particular venue. Friday night weddings can be difficult for commuters and traffic could cause them to miss the ceremony altogether. Being mindful of the navigation process can make the process of choosing a venue a lot easier.

Record Info
Taking notes, snapping pictures and asking questions is an essential part of choosing the right venue. Don’t hesitate to say whatever is on your mind and don’t be shy when it comes to taking photos. Collecting as much information as possible is extremely helpful. It is also a valuable way to compare different venues against one another.

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